July 11, 2017


Saleability to me means making your home more sellable and attractive to a buyer.

Saleability means quick easy renovations.

Why you should renovate when thinking of selling your home are:

  • to make your home more appealing
  • to make money

Things to consider when you renovate:

  • budget - do not spend more than you will probably make on a sale
  • permits - extensive renovations need municipal permits

Three ways to increase home values and saleability:

  • Make exterior look new - pressure wash your exterior and fertilize your lawn. If you do not have a green thumb hire it out to a lawn maintenance company. How are your shingles and eavestroughing? Do they need help
  • Pay attention to the small things - As in life the small things turn into the big things when neglected. Paint doors and trims, new door handles, new shower heads or shiny new house numbers make a big difference.
  • Make your home warm and inviting - From staging the front porch to repainting dark colors a bright open space is more inviting. 

Always look at your home objectively and stick to your budget.

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June 22, 2017

Storms and Patience

Unless you have been under a rock or vacationing in the sun the last few days you are aware Central Alberta got breezy lately. From what I heard Red Deer recorded up to 128KM winds. The storm came through Ponoka and made its ways south through Pine Lake. There was a lot of damage from trees to roofs. If you are reading this please know my heart goes out to you. I live on the north end of Red Deer. When you look out my front window you can see a wonderful green space with playgrounds, ball diamond and a soccer pitch. The storm came directly across that field. I have never in my life seen anything so scary and powerful. When everything settled our little household was lucky. A few shingles and a new front door is what we need. Many folks are less fortunate. To those folks my heart goes out. Please always remember to ask for help. Your network of family and friends are there for you. Some will offer some will not but if asked they will step up and assist. Unless you ask you will not receive. Small things helps. Helping with kids to sawing trees everything helps. I know yesterday morning I spent the better part of the day picking up wood, insulation and even a soccer sock from our neighbourhood. The dump line up was long and slow but everyone I spoke to was pleasant.


The moral of this story – be pleasant. We are all going through this together. Help your neighbour. Help the city with their clean ups efforts. There are still people without power. Remember that as you make your coffee and smoothies this morning. Be pleasant to each other. Our breezy evening of June 20th was bad but I have not heard of any deaths. Our town’s cleanup crews and power lines guy are doing their best to get us back to a normal way of existence. Help them, thank them and be pleasant to each other. I have read a few comments online about wait times etc. Yes I waited for some time yesterday afternoon in the dump line up. Could my time have been spent better – YES. But I was thankful the line up was from people doing what I was doing.

Thanks to the City of Red Deer, my city, for their work. Also to the other surrounding communities. I know their town officials and workers are going through the same

Have a wonderful rainy day Central Alberta – be kind to your neighbours, be kind to strangers and help  out where you can.



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June 20, 2017

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June 20, 2017

Current Market

Currently 758 places on the market in Red Deer right now- Ken

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