Hello hope you are well, I just wanted to send out a quick update on whats been happening. As some of you know I switched to a new brokerage called Redline Real Estate Group. This Alberta based office is run by a few gentlemen here in Alberta. I love that. My CEO is just down the road, not in another province, not in another country and definitely not on another continent. I love the fact Darren is able to take my call at any point. 

But todays post is not about that. My switch does not affect my approach to real estate. I am me. My service actually improved with the switch. Redlines approach streamlines what I have been doing but pushed me to be better at some things. My approach has always been a four step approach to sell your home.

Step 1 - Decide

Step 2 - Interview

Step 3 - Market

Step 4 - Sell

Seems pretty simplistic doesn't it. Most realtors will tell you its along drawn out process - and it is. But its my long drawn out process not yours. My job is to make this major life life choice of yours simpler and this four point approach is how I help you get moved with less heartache and less frustration. We cannot control others actions but we control ours. If I am organized and on the ball your move is simpler.

Step 1 is DECIDE - By deciding to sell or buy your home that is the first choice. Some people will talk to us and decide to stay where they are. That's fine sometimes thats the best choice but always find out the facts and decide what you want and whats in your family's best interest.

Step 2 is INTERVIEW - Talk to realtors, follow them online and see what they are posting about. See who is full time, see who is doing open houses and see who answers their calls and emails. That is all part of your interview.

Step 3 is MARKET - Thats my job. All my listing clients get the same service. Great photos online, a wonderful write up that describes their home that they approve of and communication with me directly. Your home will be featured on a lot of websites - thats great - but it will be presented professionally and to the best of its capabilities, and its done with your approval.

Step 4 is SELL - As everyone knows its a tough time in Alberta right now. The Oil & Gas sector is struggling and realigning. Things are looking better and I hope for a bright future here in 2019 but we are trying to sell your home today. Todays buyers are picky. We need to be their top choice and together we can give it your best shot.


So a 4 step approach. Seems simplistic but its not. Show your home in the best possible light, price it right and sell.

Give me a shot, an interview. I have been in Central Alberta for over 12 years with one of the international brokerages and I loved my time there but this Redline thing is where real estate is going. A local company that offers everything you should expect from your realtor. Professionalism, honesty and respectability.


Thanks for reading this far.


Ken Devoe

Redline Real Estate Group