Saleability to me means making your home more sellable and attractive to a buyer.

Saleability means quick easy renovations.

Why you should renovate when thinking of selling your home are:

  • to make your home more appealing
  • to make money

Things to consider when you renovate:

  • budget - do not spend more than you will probably make on a sale
  • permits - extensive renovations need municipal permits

Three ways to increase home values and saleability:

  • Make exterior look new - pressure wash your exterior and fertilize your lawn. If you do not have a green thumb hire it out to a lawn maintenance company. How are your shingles and eavestroughing? Do they need help
  • Pay attention to the small things - As in life the small things turn into the big things when neglected. Paint doors and trims, new door handles, new shower heads or shiny new house numbers make a big difference.
  • Make your home warm and inviting - From staging the front porch to repainting dark colors a bright open space is more inviting. 

Always look at your home objectively and stick to your budget.

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