Redline Real Estate Group is an Alberta based real estate brokerage offering full multiple listing services along with a dynamic administration  and marketing team. Great communication is the most important part of any relationship and at Redline we get that. Redline was the vision of 2 men in Calgary and has grown throughout Central and Southern Alberta to be one of the most sought out real estate firms to work with. The administration team keeps everything in line and running smoothly while the marketing team allows your home to be presented perfectly to the public.

Redline was brought to Central Alberta in 2018. After talks I (Ken Devoe) joined the office and started offering Red Deer and Central Alberta the vision of what their office offered. My views on real estate are simple, offer sound advice based on market knowledge and be available to my clients to answer their questions.

The world has changed in the past 10 years. Buying and selling a home has not but the presentation and delivery has. I believe the days of big international brokerages are diminishing and we are seeing smaller offices with a new fresh approach coming. I love the fact that Redline was built in Alberta by Albertans. Kind of the shop local of real estate offices. I love the fact that our leadership lives just down the road. 

If you are looking to sell your home, let’s meet and I will do a free property evaluation on your home. Let me show you my vision and your personalized marketing plan for your home. I want to be your realtor, I understand that selling your home and buying a new one will affect your life. Sometimes its a happy story, sometimes its not. Either way moving tears apart your current life and creates a new start. One of the things I am proud throughout my real estate life is that I try to help you through this and make your move easier.

Take a look at my marketing ideas here and connect with me to talk.

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